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Welcome to the World Crossbow Organization. Established in 20013 we have been thriving to build connections with crossbow clubs and associations throughout the world and now have over 2,000 members from 37 different countries.

While our main focus is on the competitive target shooting side, we do have many members form hunting clubs as well. So just because a lot of our content is focused on competition news from all over the world that doesn’t mean you will not find relevant and helpful information and people here.

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A Brief Introduction to International Crossbow Shooting

file0001304298509Crossbow shooting has a very long history and since the first appearance of these weapons in militaries around the world, there have been competitions with ever evolving rules. In the main part, competitions follow very similar rules as archery does. Just like in archery there are target shooting and field shooting competitions that mainly vary in the terrain and types of targets.

However, crossbow shooting is in many ways much more closely related to rifle target shooting, and anyone familiar with types of competition will confirm this. Even to look at and use, crossbows are much more similar to rifles. Even scopes are commonly allowed in competitions these days, but rules overall can be quite complex. That is why we have this quick intro to some of the most common rules.

Use Of Scopes

Most competitions will allow the use of certain crossbow scopes and this is a very good investment to make. Make sure that you buy a scope suitable for crossbows as these do differ in function and mounting to regular rifle scopes. Another good investment is a spotting scope as this will allow you to take a much closer look at a target and the result of your shot. For information on the best spotting scopes we recommend ScopesAndSpotters.net.



These are generally different based on the type of competition. Field or forest shooting will have different size targets often mimicking wildlife. Indoor target competitions will use targets of different sizes and set out at different distances.

While the aim is to get as close as possible to the center of a target, there will be different points scales on each target dependent on the size and distance.



Competitions are also usually separated into groups by types of crossbows and their power. The bigger events being held will have different categories where you can fit your own personal preferences.

You will encounter everything including target, 3D and medieval crossbow categories, but it is always a good idea to check with the competition organizers if your personal bow will be applicable.

Also, you will find very strict bolt size and weight specifications for each event and category. Make sure you are fully clear of these specifications before you take your first shot. After that you risk disqualification for not complying with the rules.